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Thames Wedding Party

A wedding celebration for 85 guests on the Golden Jubilee boat

departing from Temple Pier

We created a delicious buffet with

Antipasto, salads, lasagna and pasta

Followed by mini desserts and wedding cake provided by them.

A Massive Thank You from both Chloe and I for all the incredible food at the party on Saturday evening!

It seems it was extremely well received, as it was all consumed apart from a few lettuce leaves!

So many people have asked who had provided all the lovely food! We've been very proud to say it was a local family business we love!

Melanzane Parmigiana was perfect for our gluten-free guests - I work with one, and he was overjoyed at finding a new recipe he'd not had before! It is my favourite; I missed out at the party but will be back having it again soon in Fulham!


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