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Farewell Get Together

"We had Pappa Ciccia cater for a drinks evening with 85 guests. I cordially recommend. Reliable, punctual service at drop off (and collection the day after) on nicely decorated large platters. Staff removed all wrapping and were fast. We had 7 varieties of which the meatballs and the prawn skewers went the fastest, although everything was finished early on during the evening. Each piece is XL sized for canapes, so good value - and more importantly - delicious. Thank you all at Pappa Ciccia." Magnus


40 Bruschetta with, tomato, olives and herbs (V)

40 Seasonal veggie frittata cube (V) (GF)

40 Fig, goats cheese and caramelised onion crostini

50 Canapè pollo ripieno

A skewer of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella & sage, wrapped in Parma ham

50 Beef meatball skewer with a spicy tomato dip

50 Baked mussels with garlic, herbs and lemon

50 Roasted butterfly prawns with garlic and parsley butter dip (GF)

Delivered and displayed on our platters

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