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"The food was absolutely delicious!! So much of it as well. Francesco was really lovely.

Mum and dad were so touched. Thanks so much for making it such a special evening."


The request was for her parents 40th wedding anniversary

to be held in the same scout hall in Wandsworth where they got married.

10 guest for a sit down meal with a buffet type service as there were no real

cooking facilities.

We provided one waiter to serve and keep things flowing all evening

with a delicious selection of our most popular dishes.

Arancini di riso canapé

Deep fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella, red pepper & chilli (V)

Smoked Salmon crostini with cream cheese canapé

Melanzane alla parmigiana

Sliced aubergine layered with cheese and tomato sauce and herbs, then

baked in the oven

Platers of our antipasto

Stunning platters of cured meats, marinated olives & Italian cheeses

beautifully displayed on a bed of rocket salad & grilled vegetables,

served with our home made bread selection

Potato salad with red onion and chives / green beans

Insalata Italiana (Italian salad)

Beautifully presented mixed leaf salad with ripe tomato, avocado and

buffalo mozzarella

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken breast, browned, then baked to perfection with a

tomato and cheese sauce

Customer provided their own cake

Scout Hall Wandsworth

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