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The Dos And Dont's Of The Company Christmas Party

Here are dos and don'ts from some etiquette experts who know the proper way to behave. Whether you heed them is another matter...

Do attend
Even if you despise the thought of spending of a whole evening with the people you work with everyday, making an appearance shows that you are part of the team.
Dress appropriately
Just make sure you know what the dress code is and stick to it.
If you are really worried speak to other people in the office about what they are wearing.
Don’t drink too much
Okay you can let your hair down but you are still being judged and watched by your superiors and your actions are still accountable.
Stay away from office gossip
Keep small talk general. Be armed with a few social icebreakers, families, children, holidays.
Don’t trap people in very long conversations
Try not to hog people, ten or 15 minutes is fine.”
Don’t leave too early

In most cases, a lot of time and energy has been spent planning the Christmas party. Don’t leave after the first hour.

The Christmas party is the ideal place to let your hair down and unwind after what’s most likely been a stressful year of work.

Use it to social network and to make a good impression, rather than thinking I am going to bond with my colleagues.
Don’t leave people standing on their own

If you find yourself stuck with someone terribly dull and you want to get rid of them, it is impolite to leave them on their own.

What I would do is pair them off with someone else by saying, You know I have just seen someone I must go and talk to but have you met so-and-so and introducing them to someone else before you escape.

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