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Legendary Kids Pizza Parties

Celebrating 10 years of pizza making fun

No matter how many we do we never get tired of seeing the

excited faces when they see their pizza creation coming out of the oven.

Their small hands kneading and rolling the dough and the aray of personalities.

The timid ones, the very confident ones, the "is my pizza the best" ones :)

The can't sit still ones. We have a way of engaging them all.

We absolutely love these parties, all the staff enjoy getting involved.

"Thank you Shelly and the team for this amazing party. You are all very kind.

Clarisse and her friends had a lot of fun making their own pizza, especially when the came the time to rotate the

pizza dough ! And at the end of the party, all the kids were really proud to bring back home a piece of their pizza."

Charlotte & Frederic Gatte

Getting to know the dough

A little help from the expert
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