Terms And Conditions

We have been extremely fortunate with our customers and have always

had wonderful feedback, however we are aware that customers plans can change

at the last minute. If this happens we will always try to be fair and do our very best

to accommodate any changes.


If we have purchased ingredients or hired items we will have to ask the customer to cover 

those costs. Please discuss this before booking an event if you have any concerns.


Payment is required 7 days in advance of the event date by bank transfer 

For larger events a 50% deposit is required when booking to secure the date

20% vat will be added where applicable 

Cancellations will be discussed and there may be charges


Confirmation of final numbers is required 5 days minimum prior to the event and this

is the minimum number that will be charged for unless agreed otherwise.

Staff are charged at an hourly rate of £25 Chefs are charged at £30 per hour


Amendments of quantities require at least 24 hours notice or by 12 noon by the previous day

Platters and crockery not returned or broken will be charged in full

Delivery, set up and collection charges may apply to your event, local delivery is free


Staff tips are left to the organiser’s discretion

Pappa Ciccia cannot be responsible for food that is keep by the customer or

guests after the event.

We follow strict temperature guidelines for food safety which may not be adhered to

once food is eaten after an event. Please ask our advise on how to deal with left over food