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Stress Free Autumn Dinner Party

The customer wanted a stress free dinner party for 12 guests

Delivery only, customer provided the drinks

Some guests requested lactose free and gluten free options

Cost per guest £35

The Menu

Delivered at 7pm

Canapè pollo ripieno x 15

A skewer of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella & sage, wrapped in Parma ham (gluten and dairy free)

Bruschetta with garlic, tomato, olives and herbs ( dairy free) x15

Melon spheres with Parma ham (GF) dairy free x 20

Asparagus wrapped in pancetta (gf) dairy free x 15

Mini caprese skewers with baby mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil (V) (GF) x 20

Delivered at 7.45/8pm

Main Course

Our delicious beef Lasagna 1 tray

Polpette (Meatballs) Our own delicious meatballs made with 100% beef, garlic

and herbs 1 tray

Lingunie Al Pesto sauce made with pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic

and parmesan 1 tray

Melanzane Parmigiana (V) (gluten free) Oven baked aubergines

layered with a tomato & herb sauce 1 tray

Fusilli Al'Amatriciana (gluten free dairy free)

Pancetta (smoked free range bacon ) and onions in a rich tomato sauce 1 tray

Baskets of our home - made bread selection

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