Guests can mingle and move around without having to hold a

plate or put their drink down -  Just stay where you are and wait for each

platter of irresistible delights to be presented to you.


Priced from £2 to £3.50 with a minimum order of £100

*Minimum order is 20 of each canapé


A quick guide on how many to order


We usually suggest between 4 and 6 canapés per person per hour.


1-2 hours: event we suggest     4/6 canapés per person

2-3 hours: event we suggest   8/10 

3-4 hours: event we suggest 12/14

4-5 hours: event we suggest 14/16 


Vegetarian Savoury Canapé Selection 

Arancini di riso, deep fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella, red pepper and chilli (V) 

with a spicy tomato dip £2.00


Mini caprese skewers with baby mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil (V) (GF) £2.50

Bruschetta with garlic, tomato, olives and herbs (V) £2.50

Mini veggie pizza primavera (V) £2.50

Seasonal veggie frittata cube (V) (GF) £2.00

Pear, feta & walnut crostini (V) £2.50

Fig, goats cheese and caramelised onion bruschetta (V) £2.50

Crostini with roasted grapes thyme and fresh ricotta (V) £2.50

Dried apricot and blue cheese with walnuts (V) £2.50

Peach bruschetta with goats cheese, basil and honey (V) £2.50

Baked figs with goats cheese and honey (V) £3.00

Meat and Seafood Canapé Selection

Turkey, cranberry and sage meatball skewers £3.00

Arancini di riso filled with ragú sauce £2.00

Chicken caesar salad on a stick £3.00


Pollo ripieno, skewer of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and sage, wrapped in Parma ham (GF) £3.00


Beef meat ball skewer with a spicy tomato dip £2.00

Chicken meat ball skewer with a spicy tomato dip (also available non spicy) £2.00


Antipasto skewer with tortellini, salami, artichoke hearts, peppers, olive and baby mozzarella £3.00


Parma Ham, fig and buffalo mozzarella (GF) £3.00

Parma ham, goats cheese and rocket (GF) £2.50

Melon spheres with Parma ham (GF) £2.50

Beef tenderloin crostini with goats cheese and pesto £3.00

Smoked salmon and cream cheese crostini £3.00

Baked mussels with garlic, herbs and lemon £1.20

Roasted butterfly prawns in garlic and parsley butter (GF) £3.50

Parma ham, goats cheese and fig jam crostini, with balsamic reduction £3.50

Asparagus wrapped in pancetta (GF) £3.00

Spicy Italian sausage crostini £2.50

Sweet Selection 

£3.00 each

Strawberry and nutella tarts 

Tiramisu chocolate cups

Bomboloni, deep fried mini donuts 

Mini coffee panna cotta with mascarpone cream

Lemon and pistachio cheesecake pots

Chocolate and strawberry brownies  (GF)

Limoncello and prosecco jellies

Raspberry panna cotta 

The secret to a good canapé is to make them as fresh as possible, thus keeping their flavour and texture, which is why we sometimes finish ours on-site at the very last moment. So at a typical function, it’s all hands on deck behind the scenes. Everything is delicately placed by hand – from the sprinkle of fresh dill to the shavings of parmesan.

Serving Staff £25 per hour per person

You may need an oven at your event which you can hire from us