Guests can mingle and move around without having to hold a

plate or put their drink down -  Just stay where you are and wait for each

platter of irresistible delights to be presented to you.


   * Because of ingredients and wastage we don't make less than 20 per canapé


A quick guide on how many to order


We usually suggest between 4 and 6 canapés per person per hour.


1-2 hours we suggest     4/6 canapés per person

2-3 hours we suggest   8/10 

3-4 hours we suggest 12/14

4-5 hours we suggest 14/16 


Vegetarian Savoury Canapé Selection 

Arancini di Riso, deep-fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella,

red pepper and chilli (V) with a spicy tomato dip £2.00


Mini Caprese skewers with baby mozzarella, cherry tomato,

basil (V) (GF) £2.50

Bruschetta with garlic, tomato, olives and herbs (V) £2.50

Mini veggie pizza primavera (V) £2.50


Seasonal veggie frittata cube (V) (GF) £2.00

Meat and Seafood Canapé Selection

Arancini di Riso filled with ragú sauce £2.00

Chicken caesar salad on a stick £3.00


Pollo ripieno, a skewer of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella

and sage, wrapped in parma ham (GF) £3.00


Beef meatball skewer with a spicy tomato dip £2.00

Antipasto skewer with tortellini, salami, artichoke hearts, peppers, olive

and baby mozzarella £3.00


Melon spheres with Parma ham (GF) £2.50 - when good melons are available

Smoked salmon and cream cheese crostini £3.00


Asparagus wrapped in pancetta (GF) £3.00

Spicy Italian sausage crostini £2.50

Sweet Selection  £3.00 each

Lemon and pistachio cheesecakes

Chocolate brownies with fresh strawberry  (GF)


Mini tiramisu pots 

Serving Staff £30 per hour per person

You may need an oven at your event which you can hire from us