Adult snack sample package to be enjoyed at your children's party

 £14 per guest includes drinks & food

Minimum 10 guests £65 ( £7 per guest )

  • Vino Bianco Sauvignon Blanc (2 bottles)

  • Vino Rosso Sangiovese Umbria House (2 bottles)

  • San pellegrino sparkling orange and lemon drinks

  • Sparkling water San Pellegrino (2 litres)

  • Still water San Pellegrino (2 litres)

Food Platters

Minimum of 10 guests £65 (£7 per guest )

A platter of bruschetta £2.50 each

Tomato, garlic, olives, fresh basil and herbs (v) 

Mozzarella, gorgonzola & parma ham 

Roasted mixed peppers, garlic and basil (v)

Spicy salami, melted mozzarella & chillies  

Arancini di riso, deep fried rice balls stuffed with

mozzarella, red pepper and chilli (V) 

with a spicy tomato dip £1.50

Pollo ripieno, skewer of chicken breast stuffed with 

mozzarella and sage, wrapped in Parma ham (GF) £3.00


10 beers for £28.00

Bottles of Beer 330 ml £3.25

Peroni nastro azzurro, birra moretti 

Ichnusa a popular Sardinian-made beer 

Any drinks from the package left at the end of the party are yours to keep. If you would like us to, we can provide extra additional drinks on the day and these would be charged on a sale or return basis.

This package includes glasses, ice-buckets and ice, napkins 

Staff available at £25 at per hour with a minimum of 4 hours

All our staff are professional, smart and friendly.

They are trained in house and we do not use agency staff.